Silver Linings - When the Highs are High and the Lows are High too

Hi Everyone,

I wont bombard you but thought this data helpful to understand our local real estate market.

This newly released chart from CoreLogic informs and illuminates yesterday's post.

Our market certainly soared with Sydney's highest eagles at 17.9% but the interesting thing to note is even amidst a decline we hold the second highest price growth rate after Canberra.

At 5% we are more than holding our line in 2018 and we outpaced Canberra by a large margin in 2017.

And we certainly are not in the negative territory that we see so many other areas in. Like Sydney.

If you own real estate in our area you can allow yourself to be a little smug. Not only do we live in a beautiful area with a wonderful lifestyle, it has turned out to be a better investment than nearly everywhere else.

Until next time


Darryl Snow


Coast Real Estate Milton Ulladulla